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Rev. Ethan Drutchas

Senior Minister

Rev. Ethan Drutchas, Senior Minister
As of October 1, 2018, Rev. Ethan has become our settled Pastor

Pastor Patricia Furber, M. Div.

Pastor of Visitation

Pat Furber is a graduate of Andover Newton Theological School with Master of Divinity and has been a Pastor of Visitation at the Village Congregational Church since 2016.
Pat retired from a state job with the Department of Social Services after 22 years of assisting families and children.  Now she is dedicating her calling to visiting the sick, lonely and homebound members of our community as well as conducting worship services as needed for VCC.  She enjoys reading novels, knitting, babysitting the grandkids and teaching them to write their own stories on occasion.  She is a former teacher, psychotherapist, social worker and manager.  Pat has been a member of the Village Church for 15 years and enjoys visiting members and helping our church missions whenever the need calls.

Claudia Dexter

Church Administrator

Claudia has joined our staff in 2018.  She handles the day to day administrative needs, communications, publications, events of  the church and works closely with our  pastors, committee members and volunteers. Claudia is a former Community Liaison for home care services and advocate for elders as well as a Project & Events Director with experience in marketing, accounting and event planning. She holds a BS degree in Urban Studies and Gerontology. Claudia's passion is to use her talents to help children and seniors in her community. She enjoys travel, cooking, culture and all forms of art.

Laurie Burke

Music Director

As Music Director, Laurie brings a lifetime of singing and love for the church to the task. She has taught voice for the past thirty plus years, privately and as part of various school programs; directed vocal ensembles; and performed professionally in church, synagogue, and other choral organizations. Her passion is to enable the choir and congregation to lift up their voices in the joy of worship; to foster variety in musical participation, both vocal and instrumental, among all ages; and, through our corporate efforts, to enhance the worship experience for all.

Traci Bombard

Christian Education Director

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Harriet Forman

Village Bell Ringers Choir Director

Harriet has been our handbell choir director for more than 30 years! She started by ringing bells in the bell choir when first moving to town in 1984. Then she moved into the director position a few years later, and has stuck with it ever since! Harriet has her B.S. in Music Education and Music Therapy from Case Western Reserve University, has just recently retired from teaching music for 26 years in the Worcester Public Schools, and has a long history of music leadership in Northbridge through her founding and presiding of Valley Music School for 17 years.

The bell choir has been her passion, and she has taught many to ring bells and become better musicians. Our bell choir has come a long way, and now is well known for their beautiful music that they perform monthly at the Village Church, and often in other churches and at other events around the area. The bell choir has 5 octaves of Malmark bells, 5 octaves of Malmark chimes, and many other types of equipment to add to their sounds! Harriet welcomes new ringers, and is willing to teach anyone how to ring bells successfully! If you are interested in joining the Village Bell Ringers Bell Choir and want to learn how; please contact Harriet at

John Guyette

Church Sexton

Experienced, trustworthy and fun.  These are just a few of the qualities of our church building manager.  John brings many years of engineering and building management experience to caring for our historically antique stone church.  His knowledge and expertise regarding everything from operations to maintenance is an invaluable asset to our our church and congregation. Some might say he knows  these walls like the back of his hand.

(508) 234-7901

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